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about communty
hello. you have somehow stumbled upon the graphics journal of silver881. the majority of the fandoms you will find being made into graphics are japanese pop entertainment i really favor the johnny boys. i do not update that often, basically when my graphics muse is feeling alive. feel free to join the community, i usually keep posts open for a few days then i make them so only members can see them.

i have a few rules for the community :
1. DO NOT HOTLINK MY GRAPHICS! (there are plenty of image servers to do that)
2. DO NOT EDIT MY GRAPHICS (unless they are bases).
3. CREDIT! . it is nice :)
4. Don't ask for original image used.
5. DO NOT POST ANYWHERE ELSE!!! Stealing is NOT nice! Feel free to direct people here, but do NOT REPOST MY GRAPHICS ANYWHERE ELSE!
6. comments are nice. &hearts

im sure that isn't asking for much. and i think that is all. /babble